Rethinking the way your company uses paper can help your business as well as the environment. Using less paper is a proven method of trimming your bottom line, while a recycling and eco-friendly paper procurement program reduces pressure on global forests. However, no matter the amount of recycled paper used, trees are still cut down to create all the paper products that a company needs to perform effectively. Your company can take a leading step towards environmental corporate responsibility and replant the trees you use and generate a green company image.

Use this calculator to translate pounds of paper into number of trees used. In about half of the spaces below you will enter the quantity of items, in the other half you will weigh one of each item and enter both the weight and quantity. A simple postal scale comes in handy! The idea is to be reasonably accurate, not perfect. It is not necessary to track every little item. If you run out of space in one particular category, use the "other" category. If you completely fill up one worksheet, we suggest you use a second form.

Start small if you'd like - become 100% Replanted for just one department of your business, or begin by replanting for a particular item. For example, if you are a publisher, you may choose to replant for one particular book or line of books. We suggest you calculate by the year, though you may use a smaller time period if more appropriate. Let us know if you need any assistance.

We are happy to provide you with "We're 100% REPLANTED" logos via email for you to use on your promotional materials or products. Also be sure to let people in your organization know that they can become 100% Replanted as individuals or families. We appreciate your comments and have provided space at the bottom of this form.

Congratulations on your participation and your leadership!


Step 1: Calculate your paper use.

Office and Administrative
Total weight (lbs)
Ream 8 1/2 x 11 paper
(500 sheets of copy, printer, invoices, etc)
Letter envelopes
Large mailing envelopes
Monthly magazine subscriptions
Weekly magazine subscriptions
Daily newspaper subscriptions
Sales and Marketing Quantity Total weight (lbs)
Catalogs (at oz. each) x
Price lists (at oz. each) x
Direct mail pieces (at oz. each) x
Products Quantity Total weight (lbs)
Products (at oz. each) x
Instructions & warranties (at oz. each) x
Product packaging (at oz. each) x
Shipping Quantity Total weight (lbs)
Small shipping cartons
Medium shipping cartons
Large shipping cartons

Note: Corrugated cardboard cartons are made from at least 50% recycled content. The calculator takes this into account.

Total weight (lbs)
(at oz. each) x
(at oz. each) x
(at oz. each) x
(at oz. each) x
(at oz. each) x
(at oz. each) x
Total = 
If you use recycled paper, deduct 5%
If you use post-consumer recycled paper, deduct add't. 5%
If you recycle paper items, deduct 5%
Total lbs of paper used:
Number of trees used:
(1 tree provides approx. 200 lbs of paper)

Step 2: Select your replanting level & total contribution.

Silver Maple: replants 5 seedlings for each tree we have used
Golden Oak: replants 10 seedlings for each tree we have used



$2 per seedling =

# of trees
Our replanting contribution

Please plant and care for additional tree seedlings at $2/tree $

Grant to further develop the 100% Replanted program in the amount of $

Our total tax-deductible contribution is: $

Organization Name:
Contact Name:
Today's Date: Email:
Address Line 2:
For the Period:

Step 3: Finalize your donation.

  1. To pay by check, print out this form and mail it, along with your check, to:

    Trees, Water and People / 100% Replanted
    633 Remington St.
    Fort Collins, CO 80524

  2. To pay by credit card, note the amount of your contribution calculated in Step 2. Click the Make Your Donation button below and follow the directions to donate using our secure site. For "Program Area," select 100% Replanted. In the Comments box, please tell us where you heard about this program and give us any other comments or suggestions.

  3. Print a copy of this form for your records, if you wish.

Congratulations! You're 100% Replanted!

A 100% Replanted Certificate and tax-deductable receipt will be sent to you. Thank you for supporting 100% Replanted!

Make Your Donation!


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