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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the 100% Replanted Program start?

Trees, Water & People (TWP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Colorado, was started in 1998. In 2001, TWP developed 100% Replanted in collaboration with Your True Nature

How much does it cost?

It costs $10 for every 200 pounds of paper you offset (200lbs = one tree). To account for natural mortality rates, we plant five trees for every one tree being "replanted" at a cost of $2/tree. This price per tree covers all our costs including seeds, water, fertilizers, local labor, admin, transportation, etc. 

Who does the planting?

Trees Water & People and their local partners manage the planting and care for all the trees purchased through the 100% Replanted program. The trees are planted on private and public lands throughout Central America. Since 1998, TWP has planted more than 5.6 million trees in Central America, Haiti, and the United States. 

Where are the trees planted?

Trees, Water & People and our partners plant trees on public and private lands throughout Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Haiti. Planting trees in Latin America has several important benefits: the cost of planting is low, the trees grow quickly in the tropical climate, and the tree nurseries create jobs for local people.

Who supervises and monitors the planting?

TWP's in-country partners coordinate,  supervise, and monitor tree planting activities and train the communities to protect trees from drought, fire, and other common hazards. 

Why do you plant five trees for every one tree used? 

We calculate that to replace one large tree used, multiple smaller trees should be planted to assure at least one will reach maturity. For example, planting ten 18” – 36” seedlings to replace one 40' tall paper/pulp tree is what we have determined to be a reasonable replanting ratio. Of the trees we plant, there will always be mortality due to various climate, wildlife, or human factors. Others that do survive will grow into large and healthy trees over the years sequestering CO2, producing oxygen and shade, protecting watersheds, and providing other benefits to the earth and communities.

If you recycle and use recycled paper, you are given credit in the calculator and will need to plant fewer trees.

What percentage of payment goes to the actual tree planting versus other costs, such as administration and marketing for your organization?

We are dedicated to transparency and accountability and we welcome any financial inquiries from both prospective and current donors. Please feel free to contact Trees, Water & People's Finance Director, Diane Vella, at any time by calling (877) 606-4TWP or by emailing

100% Replanted Program Expenses