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Tree Nurseries

Where do we grow our trees?

In the countries where Trees, Water & People plants trees, governments are often unstable and natural resource management can be neglected or inadequate. This reality means that local communities must take resource management into their own hands.

Our community tree nurseries are at the heart of our Reforestation Program because they give us a place to safely grow all of our tree species while providing meaningful employment to local people who care deeply about the health of their local environments and economies. Every nursery that we manage employs local men and women who find joy in being a part of the natural resource management process in their country. As Mr. Jorge Alberto Dorado Ochoa, a Salvadoran nursery worker since 2007, said after a recent battle with cancer, "I feel strongly that my dedication to the nursery and the work of TWP gave me purpose and helped me recover my strength and health."

We are proud to not only produce hundreds of thousands of trees every year, we are also very proud to offer local people jobs that are sustainable, empowering, and lead to a greater quality of life for both themselves and their families.