Each of us uses an average of 65 cubic feet of wood every year - equivalent to six 12-14" diameter trees - in paper and wood products. Worldwide, tree harvesting far outstrips replanting, threatening the clean water, air supplies, and livelihoods of many people. How can you help? You can replant the trees you use, quickly and easily, by joining the 100% Replanted program.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - REPLANT.

Use either of the online calculators to determine the number of trees to replant based on what you use, then choose to sponsor three, five, or ten trees seedlings for each large tree you use. It's that easy. Not only will you help balance out the equation, you'll be directly benefiting the people whose lives depend on all that a healthy forest provides.

There is no better time to replant than now!

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