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100% Replanted for Individuals

We all have an impact. Reduce yours with paper offsets.

Deforestation is a critical problem that affects all of us, whether we live in the city or we rely on the forest for our livelihoods. Currently, almost half of the world's industrial logging goes into making paper, and each of us uses an average of 65 cubic feet of wood every year — equivalent to six 12-14" diameter trees — in paper and paper products.

You may know about the "three Rs" — Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Now it's time to take the next step — Replant, the "Fourth R." By replanting the trees that we use, we can take responsibility for our paper use and do our part to counteract the devastating consequences of deforestation. Just as the recycling ethic of the 1970s started with individuals like us, so too can "replanting" become a regular part of our lives.

Once you've seen how easy it is to become 100% Replanted, you can help even more by spreading the word to your workplace, school, and community groups.


Step 1. FIND Your Total Contribution

The average American uses the paper equivalent of almost six 40-foot trees a year.


Number of people in household:

If you use recycled paper, deduct 5%

If you use post-consumer recycled paper, deduct 5%

If you recycle paper items, deduct 5%

Total Pounds of Paper Used (yearly):

Number of Trees Used (yearly): =


We calculate that to replace one large tree, five seedlings should be planted to assure at least one will reach maturity. Each seedling costs $2 USD.

Total tax-deductible contribution: $


STEP 2. purchase your offsets


Step 3. Share

Congrats! You have become 100% Replanted. Now, tell your friends how they can reduce their environmental impact through paper offsets.